Saturday, August 10, 2013

Miss World 2013 Philippines Official Winners

Excited? Yes! And who will be crowned as Miss World Philippines 2013 after last year's Miss Queneerich Rehman? Everybdy has their own bets despite of the fact that most of us are eyeing the candidate number 20, Miss Megan  Lynne Young to grab the title but not until August 18, 2013 during the coronation night which set to be aired live on GMA Channel 7.


Miss World Philippines 2013: 20 Megan Young
1st Princess: 10 Janicel Lubina
2nd Princess: 5 Zahra Bianca Saldua
3rd Princess: 19 Maria Paula Bianca Paz
4th Princess: 18 Omarie Linn Osuna

Top 13:
17 Jennifer Hammond
6 Karla Patricia Alas
12 Angelica Lopez
13 Paulo Estenso
7 Samantha Mae Bernardo
24 Zandra Flores
11 Mercegrace Raquel
22 Patricia Ejercitado

Mini and Special Awards:

Best in Fashion Runway: Megan Young
Miss Sports by FILA: Megan Young
Miss Reducin: Megan Young
Miss Olay: Megan Young
Miss Laguna: Megan Young
Miss Bold and Glamorous by Revlon: Megan Young
Miss Figlia: Megan Young
Miss Bench Body: Megan Young
Miss Friendship: Zahra Bianca Saldua
Miss Pantene: Zahra Bianca Saldua
Miss Novu Hair: Patricia Ejercitado
Best in Talent: Samantha Mae Bernardo
Miss Redux Fat: Bianca Paz
Best in Swimwear: Janicel Lubina
Miss Photogenic: Janicel Lubina

Here are the 26 Official Candidates of Miss Word Philippines 2013:

1. Nicole Marable
2. Roselle Marie Ferrer
3. Princesslyn Dignadice
4. Khadija Nasser
5. Zahra Bianca Saldua
6. Karla Patricia Alas
7. Samantha Bernardo
8. Frances Claire Vintola
9. Pia Kamil Ochengco
10. Janicel Lubina
11. Mercegrace Raquel
12. Angelica Lopez
13. Paula Estenzo
14. Vina Openiano
15. Ma. Lily Teresa Salazar
16. Aikah Dindah
17. Jennifer Hammond
18. Omarie Linn Osuna
19. Ma. Paula Bianca Paz
20. Megan Lynne Young
21. Jennyline Carla Malpaya
22. Patricia Lae Ejercitado
23. Ria Rabajante
24. Zandra Flores
25. Melanie Barret
26. Henna Kaizzelle Cajandig


Megan Young Miss World Laguna 2013 winner

08 Frances Claire Ventola
10 Janicel Lubina
13 Paula Estenzo
14 Vina Openiano
16 Aikah Dindah
17 Jennifer Hammond
18 Omarie Linn Osuna
19 Ma. Paula Bianca Paz
20 Megan Lynn Young
24 Zandra Flores

Miss World Philippines 2013 is presented by Cory Quirino’s CQ Global Quest, Inc.

Photo credits: Michael Creates


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